Oct 17

Raytheon, Cisco Team Up for Public Safety Communications Network

It appears there may be a step forward in public safety communications, or at least another plan. There have not yet been many details published about the plan, but I suspect it will be interesting to keep an eye on this one. See an article about it here.

Benjamin McMahon


  1. Andrew Kun

    It’ll be interesting to see how they mix commercial needs with public safety needs (I assume they will).

  2. Andrew Kun

    Just to clarify my previous comment, in the past, proposals to create a nationwide public safety communication network have included a commercial part and a public safety part. In essence, a company (or multiple companies) would get the right to build the national network and a part (probably the most significant part) of their income would eventually come from commercial use of the network. Commercial users would be granted access to the network with the understanding that public safety users have absolute priority on the network. Some in public safety are concerned about implementation details. They worry that, given that most of the income generated by the communication network would come from commercial users, these users’ interests would trump public safety interests in the building and in the running of the network. One good example is the coverage of this proposed network: what constitutes nationwide coverage? Is it coverage over some percentage of the landmass of the USA? Or is it coverage of areas where some percentage of the total population lives? Clearly the latter would be cheaper to build and maintain (e.g. you could easily leave northern New Hampshire out of that scheme), yet it would bring in just as much money from commercial users.

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