Mar 03

Demo Simulator Setup for Floating PTT Presentation

Hello. Recently, together with Prof. Andrew Kun, we submitted papers on floating PTT solutions for the IE08 Conference. We now call the ‘wireless PTT glove‘ and the ‘steering wheel sensor PTT‘ by the common name of, ‘floating PTT’, as opposed to the current fixed solution. If you are interested in what other purposes a sensored glove can have, visit this post.

One of the submissions to the conference was a demonstration paper, so we came up with a new, demo environment. It consists of the driving simulator reduced to only one computer/channel, called the ‘SingleBox mode’. This setup was achieved by reconfiguring our existing 5-channel DS-600. The following video shows this new simulator and experiments with all existing PTT solutions: fixed, glove, wheel.

The new setup is a portable solution, that would allow us to present our work at conferences in a hands-on way. This is also a good way to popularize the Project54 system, which can be interesting to many visitors by itself.

Oszkar Palinko


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  1. Andrew Kun

    Nice work Oszkar. I really like the single box mode, it gives us the option to take the sim to demos.

  2. Alexander Shyrokov

    I liked the video. It clearly shows the different solutions for PPT.

  3. oszkar

    Thank you. The SingleBox seems to be very useful for presentations outside our lab. I had a bad feeling while I was “cutting up” the big simulator into small pieces, but the process is of course reversible, so it was easy to set the 5 channels back up to work in unison.

  4. nasim

    i have learnt how to drive but again it’s fun for me to practice driving with simuride.

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