Mar 12

Microsoft acoustic anechoic chamber displayed at TechFest

Wired Magazine’s online edition has a couple of blog posts about Microsoft Research’s TechFest, an annual internal event that allows MS researchers from around the world to meet and share ideas in Redmond, WA.

One of the Wired blog posts is about the so-called Soundless Audio Lab, that is an acoustic anechoic chamber, located at the Redmond offices of Microsoft Research. The researcher describing the lab to the Wired blogger is Ivan Tashev. Ivan’s research interests include microphone arrays, which is one reason for his involvement with the anechoic chamber. Ivan is also involved in developing in-car speech interfaces, e.g. the Commute UX technology that provides location based services via telephone, which he presented at SigDial 2007 (here’s the paper).

Andrew Kun