May 09

ECE 992 Speech signal processing – Student presentations, Friday 05/09/2008

Hello ecebloggers,

Friday 05/07/2008 was another exciting day of student presentations. The session chair was Dave Estes. He didn’t bring Budweiser (Dude!) but he did have a nice slide listing all the presenters (see picture below).

Dave Estes

The first presentation today was from Nate Bourgoine. Nate’s project was on speaker recognition using high order formants. He thoroughly explained what he did and gave a nice demo. Here’s picture of Nate:

Nate Bourgoine

Next was Keith Spaulding (see picture below). Keith analyzed and synthesized the chant “OM”. He explained what we are supposed to achieve with chanting and the difference between speech processing we did in class and what he did.

Keith Spaulding

Jon Carrier (in picture below) closed today’s day of presentations. Echo cancellation was the topic of his project. He explained the way echo appears and how he tried to handle it.

Jon Carrier

Monday 05/12/2008 is going to be the last day of student presentations. All pictures from the presentations can be found here.

Have a good one,

Nemanja Memarovic