Jul 17

Tinyurl.com – a great tool for simplifying web addresses

Check out www.tinyurl.com. It allows you to create tiny URLs out of long and winding ones. This is neat when you want to send a link in an email to someone without having to worry if their email client will interpret the multiple lines of the link correctly.

It’s also neat if you want to include links in presentations or posters. I’m preparing a presentation for an upcoming talk at Microsoft Research and have just used this site to create a couple of links: one to this YouTube video of the Project54 driving simulator and another to this eceblogger post about the eye tracker that we’ve recently installed in the simulator. Best of all, tinyurl allows you to create your own custom tiny URLs. So, I’ve created www.tinyurl.com/p54sim and www.tinyurl.com/eyetracker.

Andrew Kun