Aug 04

Towards Storytelling with Geotagged Photos on a Multitouch Display

For the majority summer, the bulk of my work on the multi-touch table has been working with Ankit and Oskar on the Google Earth application, in which we have overlayed geotagged photos with additional orientation data as 3-D models. We have added the ability to control the Google Earth application with the multi-touch table using different gesture we’ve designed. We will be using this application in an experiment that will compare two methods of storytelling, one using the Google Earth application and the other using a traditional picture slideshow with an additional map. The purpose of this is to explore the advantages of the overlayed photos as well as the application on the multi-touch table.

We have recently submitted the project as a poster and short paper submission to the Ubicomp 2009 conference and it has been accepted. The conference will be held in Orlando,Fla at the end of September. Below is a video that Ankit and I created to go along with the short paper/poster submission.

Mike Litchfield

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  1. marktaipan

    Nice work with the video! It will be interesting to see experiments that compare this with a non-multitouch desktop application. This is definitely a great venue for multitouch technology and I’m curious to see how much ‘better’ it is to use multitouch for collaboration. Great job Ankit and Mike and I’m looking forward to more of your work.

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