Oct 12

UbiComp 2009

Given that the fall has already started, is there a better place for a conference than Florida? Just a couple of days ago professor Kun, Mike, Oskar and I came back from UbiComp2009, which was held in Orlando, FL. The conference was very interesting with lots of participants from all over the world.

One new thing that I haven’t had a chance to experience myself at a conference before is the “one minute madness” session. The purpose of this session is to make it possible for all poster presenters to introduce their work in a relatively short period of time. This way, all participants get an overall impression about the available topics and can decide in advance which poster presentations they would like to attend later.

This time I presented a poster about a pilot study where we explored in-car augmented reality navigation aids (see picture below). Just briefly, in this experiment we compared a standard navigation aid with a head-up display (HUD) augmented reality (AR) navigation aid regarding driving performance and visual attention. The purpose of the HUD AR navigation aid is to project the navigation route directly on the windshield, so that no distraction caused by looking at the in-car display would take place. Our preliminary results show that there is no difference in driving performance, but there is a significant difference regarding visual attention in favor of HUD AR. We are currently working on extending this study further and exploring other possibilities (such as head-down display AR aid), so more posts about this topic will follow soon. And hopefully more conferences too…

Zeljko presenting a poster at UbiComp2009.


  1. Mike LItchfield

    I thought the one minute madness was an interesting and awesome idea. I got a little bit of a feel for each of the projects presented.

  2. Andrew Kun

    The first time I saw one minute madness (at Ubicomp in fact) I thought it’ll be a disaster, but it really works out great.

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