Mar 18

Marko Popovic Lecture at UNH

On the 25th of February Dr Marko Popovic gave a talk at UNH in the series of Graduate Seminar lectures of the ECE department (ECE900). The title of the lecture was: “Many Endeavors a Few Successes; an Ordinary Story of the 21st Century ‘Renaissance’ = Multidisciplinary Researcher”.

This lecture was geared towards graduate students who might be in front of some important career decisions. Dr Popovic talked about his experience of finishing his PhD in physics at Boston University and the following years spent at MIT as a researcher. Among other appointments, he worked at MIT’s Biomechatronics Group on walking biped robot simulations. Using cameras, human movements were captured and used in biped dynamics models. Based on these Dr Popovic studied the true influence of the Zero Moment Point on biped robot stability.

Marko sees his career so far as a series of multidisciplinary research engagements. He gave some very good advices to student at the beginning of their careers: be bold and venture out of you comfort zone in order to achieve great goals. I would like to thank Dr Popovic for visiting our lab and giving a great lecture.


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  1. Andrew Kun

    Thanks Marko and thanks Oszkar for organizing Marko’s visit.

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