Aug 05

Keepers Summer Camp at Project54

Project54 assisted with two sections of KEEPERS summer camp. It turned out to be a great way for the second to fifth grade students to explore electrical and computer engineering. Mark gave tours to groups of the students of a Project54 lab and a police cruiser. While he did that, Erika, Devin and I helped the other students build simple parallel and series circuits that lit a light bulb. It was eye opening to see how fast they caught on to the general ideas of circuiting, even to the point where Devin started to explain Ohm’s Law to them. With knowledge of this they created their own Operation game shown in the pictures below. Both groups of eager students seemed to finish the half day with more knowledge and inquiry of engineering than they started with. I am grateful to have taken part in that.

Me and Student working on Operation

Carol Perkins