Oct 19

My Freshman Year Internship at Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Hi, my name is Emily Car, I am a senior Electrical Engineering major at UNH, and in my short career I have held 3 different jobs in the Engineering field. I have gotten very fortunate to work from one engineering aspect to another. In this entry I am going to write about my first internship.

Starting my freshman year, in ECE 401 Professor Chamberlin had an abundance of speakers from all different aspects of the EE field donate their time and give presentations of their careers. Some presenters were parents or local celebrities, but the one presentation that blew me away (pun intended =]) was on Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). EOD in short, cleans up and protects people from explosive matter. This job sounded fascinating, working with real bombs, and saving the lives of people overseas. I applied to the internship later that week. The challenge to this internship was it was in Indian Head Maryland, over 500 miles from home. I took the job right after they offered me the internship, a sublet, and one of the department heads to help me out while I was down there.

In 10 short weeks I learned all about being a government employee, working overtime, work travel, jammer systems, soldering, oscilloscopes and inventory. I was put in the testing department and worked on mostly jammers systems that block radio frequencies of those used to detonate road side bombs. This was an interesting department, since I worked with young engineers and retired military personnel; this created a balance on the products having practicality and accuracy.

This internship was a great job and it has gotten my foot in the door to many different interviews. I decided to stay in New Hampshire for my other internships and jobs, but I learned to always keep my eyes open to new opportunities.