Jan 20

Mapping Data On The Microsoft Surface Within InfoStrat.VE

Over the Winter Break here at Project54 I have had the chance to work on developing an application for the Microsoft Surface. This project uses the InfoStrat Virtual Earth software, which provides an excellent template of an interactive 3D world using Bing Maps.


My application uses environmental data (in this demo sediment levels in water). The locations for the data are mapped on initialization as you can see below. The sediments and their corresponding levels can be viewed for each location by touching the pushpin.



Each location can then be added to a list for graphing. Once the user has selected the locations he/she wants, they can use checkboxes to determine which sediments to graph.



Now this data is graphed using Excel.



There is still much to be implemented into this application. One main goal is to use less basic controls such as checkboxes and buttons, and use more NUI appropriate controls such as tagged objects. Developing for the Microsoft Surface has been a huge learning experience and lots of fun! I definitely look forward to the continued development of this project.