Apr 17

Springtime abroad!

Spring has come to Budapest and things continue to get more beautiful!

A semester in Budapest sure keeps you busy.  It’s been hard to make time for a blog.  The four of us here are having a truly amazing time in Europe!

We are finding out that it is rewarding to be here and travel everywhere, but it isn’t any less difficult when trying to balance all the traveling with academia.  It’s very fast paced here and a lot more is thrown at the students at once because the lectures are two hour blocks twice a week for each class.  It’s hard to believe the semester is about 3 quarters over.  The four of us have been to at least 8 different countries total.  It started with Vienna, Austria then Bratislava, Slovakia.  After that the four New Hampshirites split to two groups and two went to Prague, Czech Republic with the student group the Erasmus Student Network who organized the trip, while the others visited friends in Krakow, Poland.  Most recently, the two who didn’t go to Prague with the ESN went to Prague over Easter weekend which was a long weekend for us, while one went to England to visit family and I went to Italy, met a friend of mine studying abroad there, and with them went to Switzerland!

Hopefully that wasn’t so confusing… Needless to say we’ve wasted no time getting to explore Europe and represent the U.S. and UNH abroad.  Another place we were able to visit was Serbia and one of the best shots of the group was taken there and is below.  We are settling down from traveling for the time being and doing some studying for some upcoming exams.  Photos will be on Flickr shortly.


__Sam Batton

Outside the Belgrade fortress in Belgrade, Serbia