Dec 06

3×3 LED Array Prototype

Here we have our first prototype for of a 3×3 LED Array that will be used for investigation purposes of the arduino microcontroller and the possiblities of implemetation within the project 54 simulator. This device is the first generation of a new directional navigation device. Expanding on this idea my senior project team and I will create larger LED arrarys able to understand advanced navigation directions. Our plan is to first design and build a 4×8 LED array and eventually expand it to a 7×8 array. As part of the final design, the 7×8 will be installed and tested within the simulator enviornment.  Hopefully data gathered from the testing of this divice will conclude with increased “percent dwell time” (PDT) on the road instead of the driver looking at the a gps system elsewhere in the car such as the center console.

-Zachary Cook