Dec 15

7×8 LED Array Advancement

Following the design of the 8×4 LED array, an even more advanced 7×8 LED array was designed. It will act as a prototype unit for driving simulator testing. With its relatively smaller size, the array can easily be moved and tested in various spots within the simulator to determine where its placement is most beneficial for drivers. The choice of the placement will be determined by which location produces the highest PDT (percent dwell time). This will be done using the eye trackers.

To display straight, right, and left turns on the LED array, a keypad will be implemented within this design. After learning that the Arduino does not support commands directly from a computer, this solution was proposed. The keypad shown is specifically made for Arduino and easily connects to its pins on the board. Each type of turn will be assigned a key on the keypad. When that key is pressed, the code corresponding to that turn will run and display on the 7×8 array.

– Tina Tomaszewski