Dec 14

Testing locations of 7×8 LED array

The following pictures show three possible locations that have been discussed for testing the new LED array in the simulator while using the eye tracker to obtain data.  Originally, the general consensus seemed to be placing the array above the driver’s head to allow for peripheral viewing while keeping focus on the road.  However, we are not so sure that will be the best location due to factors such as people having different heights and seating placements.  This suggestion is shown in the first picture.  The second and third pictures are other possible locations that we will be using to test our design.  One way will be to place it in a similar place that the current GPS is, but hope that since our design is less complex and involved than a GPS that it will be far less distracting and will still only require peripheral viewing.  Another location we wish to obtain data from involves holding the device outside the car so that it is directly in front of the driver.  With the help of the eye tracker, we will be able to determine how effective each of these locations are.  More locations will be tested as well, but these are the ones we have chosen to begin our experiments with.