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Apr 21

Real-Time Pupil Diameter Based Cognitive Load Estimation

cognitive task and cognitive load estimation

One of the least intrusive methods for assessing cognitive load is measuring pupil diameter change using remote eye tracking. Because of the effect of task evoked pupillary response (TEPR), the pupil will dilate when a person is faced with a challenging cognitive task. But the pupil’s  diameter will also change due to change in lighting …

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May 14

2009 IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security – HST 2009

On Monday, May 11, I was honored to present my work at a very prestigious IEEE conference on Homeland Security technologies, held in Waltham, MA. During the technical session on the interoperability and field deployable communications, I gave a presentation on the design and development of a software defined Project 25 data base station. Here …

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Jul 31

Radio Testing Lab

As a part of Project54, we have a newly formed Radio Testing Lab which is used for performing tests on projects related to the usage of Land Mobile Radios. Currently we are working on two projects that attempt to solve problems associated with the utilization of mobile radios. While the first project provides a solution …

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Jun 30

Sony's MP3 dancing robot – Rolly

Sony revealed an egg-shaped digital music player named Rolly (picture below) at the end of 2007, but I haven’t had the chance to see it until last weekend. It plays MP3 and AAC music files and supports direct music streaming over a Bluetooth connection. And it is able to dance. The Rolly is more than …

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Apr 10

Kevin Short lecture

Yesterday I attended the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Frontiers Lecture by UNH Math Professor Kevin Short, entitled “Disassembly, Repair and Rebuilding of Music using Mathematics.” As the title suggests, Kevin discussed his work on restoring old music recordings, including his Grammy Award-winning work on restoring an old Woody Guthrie recording. Kevin won his …

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