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Travel to non-US destinations for work.

Sep 19

Experiences from MobileHCI 2011

This year’s MobileHCI conference was held in wonderful Stockholm, Sweden. I was lucky enough to have both a paper accepted for publication and also to serve as a student volunteer. Stockholm is a beautiful city. With its 14 islands and numerous bridges, it is rightly referred to as the “Venice of the North. “ Below …

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May 09

Budapest Study Abroad Program – BUTE

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE) was founded in 1782 by Emperor Joseph II making it the oldest Institute of Technology of University rank and structure in the world. The campus is lovely and extremely interesting. Some of my classes are in older buildings which still use chalk boards and wooden tables, while …

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Apr 06

Budapest Study Abroad Program – Weekend Trips

The best part of studying in Budapest is that there is plenty of time to travel to all the great surrounding countries on the weekends! So far I have traveled to Austria, Italy and Croatia! Vienna, Austria 18-21 February, 2011 I took a bus to Vienna, Austria with seven friends who are also studying at …

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Mar 21

Global UGRAD Program – My UNH Experience

It’s been 7 months today since I arrived at UNH.  I’m from Honduras, and came here as part of the Global UGRAD Program. I got accepted at the UNH ECE Department for the Computer Engineering program. Universities in the U.S. are very different from those in other countries, so it took some time to get used to so …

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Feb 15

Budapest Study Abroad Program – the First Week

The first week in Budapest really flew by. I traveled with four other UNH students all studying electrical engineering as well. We got lost a few times before getting the hang of using the trains, trams, and busses to get around the city. This was important to figure out with all the errands we had …

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Dec 02

Behavioral Screening – Biometric Security

Interesting Israeli device “This ‘brain-fingerprinting,’ or technology which checks for behavioral intent, is much more developed than we think.”

Aug 04

Visit to Rusea's High School, Jamaica

Hello ecebloggers, Here’s another post about Jamaica Jamaicans are very proud with their high schools. In the 60’s Jamaica didn’t have as many high schools as it has today. Students from different parishes (parish is like a province, Jamaica has 14 parishes) were given a choice to go to two or three high schools. As …

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Jul 28

Jamaican problems with electricity

Hello ecebloggers, As some of you may know my wife and I were on a two week vacation in Negril, Jamaica. This beautiful island has many things to offer: sea, landscape, cuisine, culture… There isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t heard of Bob Marley and The Wailers. Although there’s a lot to write …

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Jul 07

A trip to Taiwan

Zorana and I just got back from a fun trip to Taiwan.  Zorana was invited to speak at the Psychology of Creativity Conference at Taiwan National Normal University, and they paid her ticket and a honorarium.   We decided to turn it into a vacation as well, so we booked a ticket for me too, …

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Sep 24

Conference in Belgium

Another successful conference is over. This time professor Andrew Kun, Tim Paek of Microsoft Research, and I had a paper at Interspeech 2007 which took place in Antwerp, Belgium from 27th to 31st of August. The conference was very well organized, and a lot of people from all over the world attended it. We saw …

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