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Jul 19

KEEPERS – Inspired to Become Engineers at a very young age


After a morning workshop about electricity, KEEPERS campers continued to have fun while learning about some of the applications of electrical and computer engineering in the UNH-ECE driving simulator lab. Today, Oskar Palinko and I hosted a group of about 25 KEEPERS campers. To ensure that every KEEPERS camper had an opportunity to learn about and interact …

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May 22

Writing Code in Your Free Time

Practice makes perfect and I recently discovered a perfect website to assist in coding practice: This site contains somewhere around 380, math related, programming problems that are open to solve. Once you create an account, the site tracks your progression through the problems. You also gain awards, and can view friends’ progress(I would think …

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Jul 28

Helping out with KEEPERS camp 2011

For the second summer in a row, Devin and I helped with the UNH Keepers Camp. Students ranging from second to fifth grade spend half a day with us exploring electrical engineering. To start off the day, we helped them experiment with different metals and liquids to see which made better batteries. They were really …

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Jul 15

AR.Drone Quadrotor Flight via Microsoft Surface

Parrot Drone

While working under Andrew Kun in Project54, I have been researching and developing applications for the Microsoft Surface for my Senior Project.  This project has eventual collaboration with other schools and professional groups working toward a multi-touch application which controls a fleet of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs.  Other groups have developed similar UAV …

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Jul 11

Games for the Microsoft Surface Presentation

My partner Shawn and I gave a presentation a couple weeks ago focused on the games available for the Surface. For our Senior Project we are working on designing a virtual air hockey game for the Microsoft Surface, I will be focusing my work on creating a controller that tracks a users movements and how …

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Mar 10

Incredibly Realistic Android

Unlike the creepy animatronic people in Disney Land, the Geminoid DK, while still kind of creepy, is a stepping stone in android research. The android is controlled by motion capture technology. A user sits at a computer which replicates their facial movements. So as of right now it still could be just animatronics, BUT, it …

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Feb 20

The New Life of Commodore 64

Does this image look familiar? If it does, then you may be interested to know that Commodore 64 is back! Believe it or not, but a company named Commodore USA, LLC just recently decided to bring the timeless classic from the dead. Even though the computer will have the well known look and feel, it …

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Jun 29

Inflatable mouse – thin or not

A pointing device, such as a mouse, touchpad or the pointing stick, has become an essential component of the modern computer system. As the number of portable computer users steadily increases so does the need for a compact and highly portable pointing device. The problem evident with existing pointing devices is that an increase in the portability of the device often …

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Jun 15

Navigational Metaphor

The image above is the combination of a transparent FTIR-based multi-touch surface and a motion control board, such as the one from Nintendo BalanceBoard, to create a navigation metaphor. Dimitar Valkov, Dr. Frank Steinicke, Gerd Bruder and Prof. Dr. Klaus Hinrichs built this while working for the Visualization and Computer Graphics Research Group at the …

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Jun 03

Gesture-Based Computing

These Lycra gloves are part of a new MIT prototype for a new gesture-based computing system. Graduate student Robert Wang and Associate Professor Jovan Popović developed this system that improves upon other techniques that use interfaces that adapt to human movement, such as the Nintendo Wii. Lycra gloves made of irregularly shaped patches are part …

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