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Dec 06

3×3 LED Array Prototype

Here we have our first prototype for of a 3×3 LED Array that will be used for investigation purposes of the arduino microcontroller and the possiblities of implemetation within the project 54 simulator. This device is the first generation of a new directional navigation device. Expanding on this idea my senior project team and I will create larger LED arrarys able to understand …

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Mar 23

AR Drone In-Flight Mapping

Now that some basic autonomous flight capabilities are implemented with my quadrotor software, I am now working on implementing photo mapping functionality so that the user can see pictures from the entire flight in a simple, attractive, and easy-to-use manner. This is one of the first renditions of my software’s In-Flight Mapping system where it …

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Jan 20

Back in Flight!

After updating my software to use a more efficient method of video stream communication between the drone and the surface, I had a vast number of complications which wound up with a non-responsive drone and software that could do nothing more than lift off and land the drone. After extensive testing, debugging, and reverting some …

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Aug 12

Micro Aerial Vehicles – The Future of UAVs

After spending the majority of my summer working on the Parrot AR.Drone Quadrotor, I spent some time researching other forms of micro aerial vehicles or “MAV”s and it turns out there is a lot of interest in MAV development. Consequently, the Microsoft Surface project myself and other students from WPI and UNH are working on, …

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Jul 15

AR.Drone Quadrotor Flight via Microsoft Surface

Parrot Drone

While working under Andrew Kun in Project54, I have been researching and developing applications for the Microsoft Surface for my Senior Project.  This project has eventual collaboration with other schools and professional groups working toward a multi-touch application which controls a fleet of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs.  Other groups have developed similar UAV …

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Jan 20

Dover Mounted Patrol

Over the past year we have been developing a data collection and management application for the mounted patrol unit in Dover, New Hampshire. The application runs on a smartphone and provides several means of data collection including barcode scanning, GPS, camera, voice recording, touch screen, and a QWERTY keyboard. I will outline several of the …

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Jun 15

Navigational Metaphor

The image above is the combination of a transparent FTIR-based multi-touch surface and a motion control board, such as the one from Nintendo BalanceBoard, to create a navigation metaphor. Dimitar Valkov, Dr. Frank Steinicke, Gerd Bruder and Prof. Dr. Klaus Hinrichs built this while working for the Visualization and Computer Graphics Research Group at the …

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Oct 12

UbiComp 2009

Given that the fall has already started, is there a better place for a conference than Florida? Just a couple of days ago professor Kun, Mike, Oskar and I came back from UbiComp2009, which was held in Orlando, FL. The conference was very interesting with lots of participants from all over the world. One new …

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Aug 05

New Robot Suit in Tokyo

In this article from, the Associated Press explains how Cyberdyne, a Japanese Robotics company has been showing off their newly designed rehabilitation suit. The HAL (hybrid assistive limb) is aimed to help those with weak leg muscles and mobility issues in daily life. It has sensors that read brain signals directing limb movement through …

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Aug 03

Glancing at Personal Navigation Devices Can Affect Driving

Hello ecebloggers, Over the past semester Andrew Kun, Tim Paek, Zeljko Medenica, Oskar Palinko, and I have been investigating the influence of Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) on driving. Nowadays these devices are widespread in vehicles. They typically display the real-time location of the vehicle on a map and play spoken prompts when drivers need to …

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