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Apr 26

Brad Gillespie at UNH

Earlier this week I hosted Brad Gillespie on a visit to the UNH ECE department. Brad, an ECE alumnus (MS EE ’94), is a veteran of Microsoft, where he was the Technical Assistant to Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie. Currently, he advises early-stage technology companies, focusing on strategic issues at the intersection …

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Apr 13

Back-of-Device Interaction Talk by Patrick Baudisch

Last Friday, April 10th 2009, Project54 students visited MIT to hear Patrick Baudisch‘s lecture on Back-of-Device Interaction. Patrick is a research scientist at Microsoft Research and an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington. He presented his findings on researching back-of-device interfaces, which is an interesting new concept of human-computer interaction. A predecessor of the …

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Apr 07

Report from Paul Green's Lecture and Open House

On Thursday, April 2nd 2009, Paul Green visited our lab. At that time he gave a talk on Human Factors Engineering and spent the whole day at our lab talking to students and visitors of the Open House. Dr Green is a distinguished Professor at UMTRI and the president of the Human Factors and Ergonomics …

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Mar 04

Paul Green Lecture & Simulator Open House

On April 2nd, 2009 our lab will host Paul Green, a distinguished Research Professor at UMTRI and the President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Dr. Green will give a lecture on Human Factors Engineering as a part of the CEPS Frontiers Lecture Series. The lecture will also be an integral part of the …

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Feb 11

Sensonomy Lecutre at IUI'09 by Jun Rekimoto

Yesterday brought an inspiring talk by Jun Rekimoto, the director of the Interaction Lab at Sony CSL and Professor at the University of Tokyo. The topic of the talk was Sensonomy, a new term coined by Jun which fuses Folksonomy with wireless sensor networks. The basic idea behind Sensonomy is to integrate the virtual and …

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Jan 18

Discuss entrepreneurship with Brad Gillespie

How many of you are curious about entrepreneurship? would consider working for a startup after you graduate? have an idea and would like to start your own business? Brad Gillespie, a UNH alum, works with startups and will be visiting UNH this April. If there is enough interest, he’d be happy to talk about starting …

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Nov 23

Physics Dept. Colloquium – Margaret Kivelson 11/10/08

Margaret Kivelson, one of the most distinguished space physicists, gave a talk at a colloquium held by UNH Physics Department on Nov. 10. 2008. She is a professor at UCLA and an author of a textbook most commonly used by students in space science field, which may be why most people in the field know …

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Aug 29

Oszkar Palinko defends MS thesis

Last Friday Oskar Palinko defended his MS thesis. Oszkar’s thesis was centered around the cool push-to-talk (PTT) glove he has designed. Oszkar ran a rather large user study (24 participants) to evaluate if the PTT glove outperforms a fixed PTT button. While in comparing driving performance when using the two PTT solutions Oszkar didn’t find …

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Aug 17

Tim Paek talk on mobile speech interaction

Last week Tim Paek of Microsoft Research visited the Project54 lab at UNH. Tim and I have been collaborating for about two years now, and this summer Tim is the supervisor of my PhD student, Zeljko Medenica, during Zeljko’s summer internship with MSR. As part of his visit Tim gave a talk on his research …

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Aug 05

Visit to Microsoft Research

A couple of weeks ago I spent a day visiting Microsoft Research and gave a talk on our lab’s work on in-car speech user interfaces. My hosts were two Microsoft researchers, Tim Paek and Ivan Tashev. I was also accompanied by one of my graduate students, Oszkar Palinko. As part of the visit Ivan gave …

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