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Jun 15

Scent Based Virtual Reality System

Researchers at the University of Tokyo, Japan are working on developing a virtual reality system that not only integrates sight and touch, but sense of smell as well. Their past research indicates that a person’s sense of smell can affect how certain foods taste. They developed a virtual reality apparatus composed of a camera, goggles, individual scent tubes, air pumps, and a …

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Aug 05


Recently, Devin, Carol, and I helped with the UNH KEEPERS Camp “Biomedical Engineering” Day. The children were able to have tours of Professor Wayne Smith’s lab, build simple parallel and series circuits, and create their own “Operation”-style board games. The picture below is of me and a student displaying his “Operation” game. It was great …

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Aug 05

Keepers Summer Camp at Project54

Project54 assisted with two sections of KEEPERS summer camp. It turned out to be a great way for the second to fifth grade students to explore electrical and computer engineering. Mark gave tours to groups of the students of a Project54 lab and a police cruiser. While he did that, Erika, Devin and I helped the …

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Jul 30

Innovative Projection Lenses

Laster Technologies, a French company, has developed a new set of glasses that allows users to view data in a heads up display type of configuration. These glasses appear to be just as normal as most correctional lenses, with the exception of a projection system. A projector is attached to the glasses on either side, just in front of …

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Jul 22

UNH KEEPERS Camp visit to the Biomedical Engineering lab

Last week, undergraduates from the Project54 lab visited the KEEPERS camp. KEEPERS stands for Kids Eager for Engineering Program with Elementary Research-based Science. The purpose of the camp is to get young children interested in engineering. One of the tours that the camp went on was a trip to Professor Wayne Smith’s Biomedical Engineering lab, …

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Jun 10

An advance in Mobile Display Technology

Below: A pico projector made by the Microvision company In the near future we could see a revolution in mobile display technology. Miniaturized projectors called pico projectors will replace current projector models and will make displaying media from mobile devices much easier. With this advance in technology, our mobile media will no longer be limited …

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May 11

Marcelo Gleiser Talk at UNH, May 2010

On May 10th 2010 Marcelo Gleiser gave a very inspiring talk at the University of New Hampshire. The lecture’s title was: A Tear at the Edge of Creation, which is also the title of professor Gleiser’s new book. The lecture was part of the CEPS Frontiers Lecture Series. Marcelo Gleiser is a distinguished physicist and …

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Nov 23

Dennis O'Brien's Lecture at UNH

Last week Dennis O’Brien the Chief Electronics Engineer of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) gave a very interesting talk in the CEPS Frontiers lecture series. LLNL is one of the premier applied physics laboratories in the world. Together with Los Alamos, it is in charge of managing the US nuclear stockpile. It also runs a …

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Sep 24

Advances in Battery Technology

This article from CNN describes how researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come up with a way to produce a new type of battery. Angela Belcher, professor of materials science and engineering at MIT, has developed a way to create batteries from an M13 bacteriophage virus. This virus is common and does not pose …

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Sep 23

Are Cell Phones Safe?

Cell phones are one of the most widely used technology on this planet today. Most people in the world access the internet right on their cell phone, rather than on a computer. But the question still echos, are cell phones safe, even today? The answer is not clear. Research has been going on for more …

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