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May 14

2009 IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security – HST 2009

On Monday, May 11, I was honored to present my work at a very prestigious IEEE conference on Homeland Security technologies, held in Waltham, MA. During the technical session on the interoperability and field deployable communications, I gave a presentation on the design and development of a software defined Project 25 data base station. Here …

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Jul 31

Radio Testing Lab

As a part of Project54, we have a newly formed Radio Testing Lab which is used for performing tests on projects related to the usage of Land Mobile Radios. Currently we are working on two projects that attempt to solve problems associated with the utilization of mobile radios. While the first project provides a solution …

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Apr 17

Experiences in Boulder, CO

So a couple weeks ago, my colleague Ivan Elhart and I got to join Dr.Miller and Dr.Kun on a journey to Colorado for the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) conference. What can I say, it was a fabulous time. We arrived on Wednesday at 11pm (local time), so we just had time to grab some …

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Apr 11

Software-Based APCO Project 25 Base Station

The Project 25 standard allows for both voice and data communications on digital radios. However, commercial manufacturers have implemented the data communications portion of the standard using very expensive equipment. While large agencies may have the resources to purchase and maintain this equipment, small agencies, such as e.g. a town police department with a few …

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