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Apr 19

Technology in the Cloud Seminar

As I share photos with readers using the eceblogger Flickr account, I cannot help but think about how cloud-based services are currently taking the world by storm (pun definitely intended). In a seminar about cloud computing, Curtis Quimby and Dan Dulac from Enterasys Networks discussed the origins of the cloud and the benefits of it. …

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Aug 10

John Underkoffler Points to the Future of UI

In the video above, John Underkoffler talks to enthusiasts at TED about the need to move away from the traditional, one machine for one human with one mouse and one screen flat display, to building machines that aid humans in the task of creation in multiple dimensions. He has taken a big step in this …

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Aug 03

A Written Contact Card vs. the Project54 Mobile Software

One of the current projects in development here at CATLab is the Project54 mobile software for the Dover Police Mounted Patrol Unit. Combined with the Motorola Symbol MC5574, our Project54 mobile software allows the mounted officers to fill out their required contact cards quicker and more efficiently than writing the information on the card directly. …

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Apr 26

3D Input Interface for Mobile Devices

A recent post on Slashdot led me to this interesting video produced by the folks at Ishikawa Komuro Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. Using their Vision Chip, a CMOS image sensor with a parallel image processor, they created an in-air, finger motion based interface for a mobile phone. While I do not believe that …

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Nov 12

The Microsoft Surface Has Arrived

A few days ago a new Microsoft Surface arrived to our labs. It is a great tool for user interaction studies. It’s surface material has a very pleasant non-stickiy textured feel to it. Touch interactions on the Surface are recognized by multiple underlying infra-red cameras and transformed into user actions. The image is rendered by …

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Oct 26


Matthew Lape, a recently graduated Project54 student, passed along this interesting video (shown below) regarding a device being developed at MIT called SixthSense. This wearable gesture-driven device consists of a pocket projector, a camera, and a mirror. These components are driven by the user’s smartphone and allow the user to make various gestures on different …

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Oct 19

One-Minute Madness at UbiComp 2009

As my colleagues Zeljko and Mike have already blogged about, we attended the 2009 Ubiquitous Computing Conference in Orlando, Florida. It was a very interesting gathering with some vanguard research topics. For me, the one-minute madness was a new and exciting experience. Poster authors have to present their research in a single minute. At prior …

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Oct 12

UbiComp 2009

Given that the fall has already started, is there a better place for a conference than Florida? Just a couple of days ago professor Kun, Mike, Oskar and I came back from UbiComp2009, which was held in Orlando, FL. The conference was very interesting with lots of participants from all over the world. One new …

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Oct 09

Posters at Ubicomp 2009

This summer, Oskar, Ankit, Professor Kun, and I had a poster submission accepted at the Ubicomp 2009 conference. Unfortunately Ankit could not make it, since he was back in India for school. The rest of us and Zeljko attended the conference. During the conference, there was a 2 hour period where Posters, Videos, and Demos were …

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Aug 12

Microsoft's Vision

Microsoft is either loved or hated by most of society these days. But no matter where you stand on the company, you have to agree that the vision they show in the video below is amazing, and displays great contributions to society. The video is an envisioned future of 2019, just ten years ahead. It’s …

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