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Feb 16

GPS Peripheral Navigational Aid

Getting Started

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Feb 14

Instrumented Steering Wheel Project Update

Flow chart of ISW tapped password program

The Instrumented Steering Wheel members, Adam Leone (CS) and Travis Royer (CE), have further refined the software and hardware used in this project.  The goal of the project is to add an authentication factor to vehicle security through a password tapped on an array of force sensing resistors (FSR) and processed on an Arduino microcontroller. …

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Jan 08

Instrumented Steering Wheel Project Demo

Arduino microcontroller, force sensing resistors, bluetooth shield

The Instrumented Steering Wheel Project is the senior project of Adam Leone, Computer Science, and Travis Royer, Computer Engineering.  It operates under the umbrella of the University of New Hampshire’s Project 54 with Electrical and Computer Engineering Associate Professor Andrew Kun advising.   This project seeks to develop an additional form of authentication for vehicle …

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Dec 15

Peripheral Navigation Aid Prototype Design

8x8 LED Matrix Design Idea courtesy of

Our goal is to design an 8×7 LED matrix on an acrylic layout that can be easily attached and removed at the driver’s convenience.  Once the 15cm x 24cm transparent layout is complete, the LED’s will be soldered in place, and wired into their respective rows and columns.  The goal will be displaying “strips” of LED’s indicating directional information.  Once completed, an Arduino keypad …

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Dec 15

7×8 LED Array Advancement

Keypad Pin Connection

Following the design of the 8×4 LED array, an even more advanced 7×8 LED array was designed. It will act as a prototype unit for driving simulator testing. With its relatively smaller size, the array can easily be moved and tested in various spots within the simulator to determine where its placement is most beneficial …

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Dec 14

Testing locations of 7×8 LED array

7x8 LED array test position 3

The following pictures show three possible locations that have been discussed for testing the new LED array in the simulator while using the eye tracker to obtain data.  Originally, the general consensus seemed to be placing the array above the driver’s head to allow for peripheral viewing while keeping focus on the road.  However, we …

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Dec 06

8×4 LED Array

  After completing the construction of the 3×3 array, an 8×4 array was built to give a more accurate representation of the LED array that will eventually be placed into the simulator. We observed that having more LED’s to control quickly made the coding and timing of the direction changes more complex. This video shows …

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Jul 17

Optimizing Graphs on The Microsoft Surface

Recently, while working on a project to visualize .wav files on the Microsoft Surface, I ran into an issue regarding the canvas controls size. While developing this software I am testing with a .wav file about 4 minutes long. Visualizing this file creates a canvas with a width of about 20,000 pixels . . . …

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May 22

Writing Code in Your Free Time

Practice makes perfect and I recently discovered a perfect website to assist in coding practice: This site contains somewhere around 380, math related, programming problems that are open to solve. Once you create an account, the site tracks your progression through the problems. You also gain awards, and can view friends’ progress(I would think …

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Apr 17

Springtime abroad!

Outside the military fortress in Belgrade, Serbia.

Spring has come to Budapest and things continue to get more beautiful! A semester in Budapest sure keeps you busy.  It’s been hard to make time for a blog.  The four of us here are having a truly amazing time in Europe! We are finding out that it is rewarding to be here and travel …

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