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Apr 09

Poster presentation at ETRA 2012

I presented a poster at this year’s Eye Tracking Research and Applications conference (ETRA2012) with the title: Exploring the Effects of Visual Cognitive Load and Illumination on Pupil Diameter in Driving Simulators. In the adjoining short paper Andrew and I explored how visual cognitive load and illumination affect the driver’s pupil and if the effects …

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Jan 30

Wireless Interface for a Police Cruiser

Over the past few weeks I have been finishing up my senior project work here at Project54. The goal of this project is to have a wireless interface that is capable of controlling police cruiser devices from the outside of the car. Up to this point I have successfully implemented both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections …

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Jan 20

Back in Flight!

After updating my software to use a more efficient method of video stream communication between the drone and the surface, I had a vast number of complications which wound up with a non-responsive drone and software that could do nothing more than lift off and land the drone. After extensive testing, debugging, and reverting some …

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Jun 07

Using Physical Objects As Time Sliders

Working on my current project I had a very useful idea crossing my mind. When users need to visualize data on charts and if they have to move through the x-axis, as in the following case (See Figure 1) Fig 1. Here we have a time dependent data. On a multi-touch screen we can have …

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Jun 03

On the use of physical objects with Multi-Touch

On my current intern at the University Of New Hampshire under my mentor Andrew Kun , my work focuses on understanding the intractability of multi-touch with multi-touch. One of ideas that have already been implemented has been using the I-Pod style control, more like a puck to control any slider control. Here is a video …

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Apr 27

Multitouch Interaction for Tasking Robot

I found a paper the other day, which utilizes a multitouch interface for controlling and communicating with tasking robots. The device used is a Dell tablet PC, which is mobile enough for the in-field application. The application allows the user to choose a robot and specify a task: go to X, perform reconnaissance, or cross …

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Dec 15

Project54 A Year in Review

The year 2009 has been a busy one for Project54.  We began the year off in February by moving from our garage facility in Madbury to a garage located on campus and within Morse Hall.  The transition of the group from two locations into one has been seamless and has worked out beautifully.  We now have all of our …

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Jul 31

More about A.I.

While looking online, I found some articles about AI that talked about how certain kind of technology could be helpful in the next years for us in order to create better artificial intelligence. Some days later, I was on facebook and my friend posted this link about how computers and machines would “take over” our …

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Jul 30

The Project54 Relay Box

Encyclopedia Britannica gives the definition of a relay. Project54 uses 8 relays in order to control the lights and siren on the Lee Motorcycle, in a relay box. This relay box consists of the 8 relays, and a microcontroller that switches the relays on and off. To turn these relays on and off, ASCII commands must be …

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Jul 17

Wireless Power

            For the past one hundred or so years, the most common way to transmit electricity to homes and businesses has been through the use of electrical cables, and the extensive power grid that runs throughout the United States and the rest of the world.  As a result of recent research done by the Massachusetts …

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