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Jun 24

Former Civil Engineering Grad Student Receives Award From AWWA

Zwerneman_Collins AWWA Award

Pictured L-R: Andrew DeGraca, Chair of the AWWA Technical & Educational Council, M. Robin Collins, Professor and Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering, John Zwerneman, former Civil Engineering graduate student and award winner, and Jeff Nason, Chair of the AWWA Academic Achievement Award Committee. John Zwerneman, former Civil Engineering graduate student, was recently awarded …

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Jun 14

QACafe BBQ photo


Computer Science Dept. Chair, Radim Bartos, poses for a photo at the QACafe BBQ this May. Seven out of eleven QA Cafe employees are UNH alumni, including the company founder Joe McEachern.

Apr 29

Presenting Our Analysis Tool

Today I performed my final presentation for my senior project. My project, A Tool to Analyze Spoken Dialogue and Pupil Diameter on a Multi-Touch Surface, was the development of a piece of software to help researchers analyze post-experimentation data. This data came from a past experiment, described here. The tool loads this data into a single, …

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Dec 06

3×3 LED Array Prototype

Here we have our first prototype for of a 3×3 LED Array that will be used for investigation purposes of the arduino microcontroller and the possiblities of implemetation within the project 54 simulator. This device is the first generation of a new directional navigation device. Expanding on this idea my senior project team and I will create larger LED arrarys able to understand …

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May 22

Writing Code in Your Free Time

Practice makes perfect and I recently discovered a perfect website to assist in coding practice: This site contains somewhere around 380, math related, programming problems that are open to solve. Once you create an account, the site tracks your progression through the problems. You also gain awards, and can view friends’ progress(I would think …

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Feb 13

Data Over Time

To demonstrate the potential for displaying data over time, I created a sample application on top of the InfoStrat.VE(virtual Earth). This sample program allows the user to scroll through MatLab generated data over a time frame of nine years. This type of visual data display could make analyzing time series information more interesting and fun. …

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Jan 20

Mapping Data On The Microsoft Surface Within InfoStrat.VE

Over the Winter Break here at Project54 I have had the chance to work on developing an application for the Microsoft Surface. This project uses the InfoStrat Virtual Earth software, which provides an excellent template of an interactive 3D world using Bing Maps. My application uses environmental data (in this demo sediment levels in water). …

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Mar 21

Global UGRAD Program – My UNH Experience

It’s been 7 months today since I arrived at UNH.  I’m from Honduras, and came here as part of the Global UGRAD Program. I got accepted at the UNH ECE Department for the Computer Engineering program. Universities in the U.S. are very different from those in other countries, so it took some time to get used to so …

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May 11

Marcelo Gleiser Talk at UNH, May 2010

On May 10th 2010 Marcelo Gleiser gave a very inspiring talk at the University of New Hampshire. The lecture’s title was: A Tear at the Edge of Creation, which is also the title of professor Gleiser’s new book. The lecture was part of the CEPS Frontiers Lecture Series. Marcelo Gleiser is a distinguished physicist and …

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Nov 23

Dennis O'Brien's Lecture at UNH

Last week Dennis O’Brien the Chief Electronics Engineer of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) gave a very interesting talk in the CEPS Frontiers lecture series. LLNL is one of the premier applied physics laboratories in the world. Together with Los Alamos, it is in charge of managing the US nuclear stockpile. It also runs a …

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