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Apr 29

Presenting Our Analysis Tool

Today I performed my final presentation for my senior project. My project, A Tool to Analyze Spoken Dialogue and Pupil Diameter on a Multi-Touch Surface, was the development of a piece of software to help researchers analyze post-experimentation data. This data came from a past experiment,¬†described here. The tool loads this data into a single, …

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Sep 28

Transcription and Some Cross Correlation

In one of my previous posts I demonstrated some software I have been working on at Project54. In the past weeks I have added a few features to this project. Originally, the project could import the associated dialogue and display it in the correct time location. This was cool but the user could not edit …

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Aug 31

Google Crisis Map

After the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) developed the Environmental Response Management Application(ERMA). ERMA provides numerous datasets as overlays on Google maps, providing useful information for response organizations. Now with tropical storm Isaac making its way through the Gulf Coast, Google created an application with the …

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Jul 17

Optimizing Graphs on The Microsoft Surface

Recently, while working on a project to visualize .wav files on the Microsoft Surface, I ran into an issue regarding the canvas controls size. While developing this software I am testing with a .wav file about 4 minutes long. Visualizing this file creates a canvas with a width of about 20,000 pixels . . . …

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Jan 20

Airhockey Game Demo

The project we are working on is a virtual air-hockey game for the Microsoft Surface that utilizes an accelerometer mounted on an arduino to provide easy/realistic control. For more information about our project check out this post: Games for the Microsoft Surface Here is a quick view of what our game will look like: In …

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Jan 20

Mapping Data On The Microsoft Surface Within InfoStrat.VE

Over the Winter Break here at Project54 I have had the chance to work on developing an application for the Microsoft Surface. This project uses the InfoStrat Virtual Earth software, which provides an excellent template of an interactive 3D world using Bing Maps. My application uses environmental data (in this demo sediment levels in water). …

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Nov 09

The NEC HFES Visit to UNH

On Saturday, November 5th, a delegation of the New England Chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (NEC HFES) visited our labs at the University of New Hampshire. First, Andrew Kun, the Project54 program director, gave an overview of the research conducted in our labs. Next, Eric Jones, Sami Durrani, Angela Garabet and David …

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Aug 19

Wireless Socket Data Application


This summer at Project54 I have been working on my senior project, of which the ultimate goal is to allow wireless control of police cruiser devices via a motorola handheld PDA. The first part of this project requires an application on the PDA that allows the user to connect to a wireless device in the …

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Aug 12

Micro Aerial Vehicles – The Future of UAVs

After spending the majority of my summer working on the Parrot AR.Drone Quadrotor, I spent some time researching other forms of micro aerial vehicles or “MAV”s and it turns out there is a lot of interest in MAV development. Consequently, the Microsoft Surface project myself and other students from WPI and UNH are working on, …

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Jul 15

AR.Drone Quadrotor Flight via Microsoft Surface

Parrot Drone

While working under Andrew Kun in Project54, I have been researching and developing applications for the Microsoft Surface for my Senior Project.¬† This project has eventual collaboration with other schools and professional groups working toward a multi-touch application which controls a fleet of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs.¬† Other groups have developed similar UAV …

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