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Aug 31

Google Crisis Map

After the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) developed the Environmental Response Management Application(ERMA). ERMA provides numerous datasets as overlays on Google maps, providing useful information for response organizations. Now with tropical storm Isaac making its way through the Gulf Coast, Google created an application with the …

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May 22

Writing Code in Your Free Time

Practice makes perfect and I recently discovered a perfect website to assist in coding practice: This site contains somewhere around 380, math related, programming problems that are open to solve. Once you create an account, the site tracks your progression through the problems. You also gain awards, and can view friends’ progress(I would think …

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Sep 10

Distracted Drivers

With the goal at Project54 being to produce solutions in order to create a safer environment in which the police officer can control all of the lights, radar, and various devices within his/her police car, it is interesting to see the need for similar technology within regular cars to solve the problem of distracted drivers. …

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Jul 07


For everyone with a Twitter account, there’s a new service called TwitTruth that can tell you details about your use of the social networking site. Unlike tools that analyze publicly available tweets, this application asks for access to your account and then analyzes if you’ve been tweeting links, re-tweeting, or just updating followers on your …

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Apr 22

Energy-aware traffic engineering

Hello ecebloggers, Yesterday, Tuesday 04/21/2009, a close friend of mine, Nedeljko Vasic (in the picture below), gave a talk at UNH CS Weekly session on his current research titled Energy-aware traffic engineering. Nedeljko is currently a second year PhD student at EPFL’s Networked Systems Laboratory. In 2006 he was awarded with “St. Sava’s” award by …

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Apr 11


Have you ever wondered about where people most often look at when searching online maps? Microsoft Research has the answer. I recently found out that they released a free tool called “Hotmaps“, which collects statistical information about the frequency of people looking at different areas on the world map, and then displays collected data as …

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Dec 15

Computerized questionnaires

During our experiments we use questionnaires to collect some data. So far we have used paper questionnaires. The major advantages of paper questionnaires are: ease of administration (subjects know what to do with them); and ease of creation (using a word processor). On the other hand,  there are two major flaws: unintentional incompleteness (subjects miss …

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Oct 16

YouTube audio preview

Check out the new audio preview button on YouTube: Pretty neat, and it was inspired by web comic xkcd (via Lifehacker) Andrew Kun  

Oct 09


I just ran across Slideshare, a (beta) website that lets you share slides (yes the name is descriptive). I uploaded my first set of (PowerPoint) slides, and now I can embed them in this post – very cool: P54 Presentation at 2007 ITU Fully Networked Car Workshop View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: …

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Jul 17 – a great tool for simplifying web addresses

Check out It allows you to create tiny URLs out of long and winding ones. This is neat when you want to send a link in an email to someone without having to worry if their email client will interpret the multiple lines of the link correctly. It’s also neat if you want to …

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