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Jun 01

Photo-Sharing Using Google Earth

We often use photo-sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Panoramio to show our friends our travel photos and interesting places. Many of these websites have the extra feature to geo-tag photos by placing them on a map (signifying the place they were taken). They also give kml feeds, which are files we can open in Google …

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Apr 15

Using voice to tag digital photographs on the spot: seeking participants

Have you ever wanted to tag photographs immediately upon capture?  Your answer to this question is probably twofold: (1) Yes I have; it would seem to be more convenient. (2) No I have not; text entry on a mobile device is a difficult process.  Now, what if I told you that we’ve developed an application …

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Nov 03

Using voice to tag digital photographs on the spot

Hi ecebloggers, In the past I’ve discussed the imaging application, and in particular, the tagging capabilities it provides.  Now it’s time to put the application to work.  Tagging of media, particularly photographs, has become a very popular and efficient means of organizing material on the internet and on personal computers.  Over a short period of …

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May 01

Image Capture and Tagging

Over the past few months I have been developing several applications which allow for image capture, tagging, and organization on PDA and desktop devices, all of which were demonstrated at the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) conference in Boulder, CO in early April.  Last week I had presented the imaging application to Lieutenant Mark Liebl …

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Feb 10

Image Processing for Intelligent User Interfaces at IUI'09

Trevor Darrell a distinguished professor from UC Berkeley gave a very interesting invited talk yesterday at IUI’09 on the role of image processing in making user interfaces more intelligent. He elaborated on the state-of-the-art of image recognition. There are essentially two categories of this field: 1) instance level recognition and 2) category level retrieval. The …

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Aug 13

Picture Sharing with the Microsoft Surface

Imagine spending your vacation in the Swiss Alps. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could share these pictures among your friends in a easy and cool way? Imagine a big touch table where you can show around your pictures, manipulate, zoom them and pass them on to other users. Well, this has now become possible …

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Dec 15

Project54 A Year in Review

The year 2009 has been a busy one for Project54.  We began the year off in February by moving from our garage facility in Madbury to a garage located on campus and within Morse Hall.  The transition of the group from two locations into one has been seamless and has worked out beautifully.  We now have all of our …

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Jul 25

Project54PDA Imaging

Over the past few months I’ve spent much of my time developing the Project54PDA imaging applications.  Finally, after some coding revisions and a small in-lab experiment, we’re just about ready for deployment.  From the results, it seems as though tagging of images using handheld devices has a bright future, along with the note-taking and memo-recording …

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Nov 04

Using (pronounced delicious) is a web service that allows you to store your favorite links online. In addition, you can tag your links so that they’re easy to search and easy to share. You can create networks with friends and colleagues. You can also explore what other people with similar interests are tagging (a cool conference …

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