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Jan 08

Instrumented Steering Wheel Project Demo

Arduino microcontroller, force sensing resistors, bluetooth shield

The Instrumented Steering Wheel Project is the senior project of Adam Leone, Computer Science, and Travis Royer, Computer Engineering.  It operates under the umbrella of the University of New Hampshire’s Project 54 with Electrical and Computer Engineering Associate Professor Andrew Kun advising.   This project seeks to develop an additional form of authentication for vehicle …

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Nov 24

Photo Set of the Project54 2006 NHSP Charger

Here at Project54, we work extensively with New Hampshire State Police. Subsequently, we have one of their 2006 Dodge Chargers for demonstrating and testing the Project54 system. One of my colleagues here at the University of New Hampshire, Daniel VanderClock, recently took the opportunity to take some photos of the interior and exterior of the …

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Sep 25

CS400 visit to Project54

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Apr 23

KLAS at the URC

Yesterday Mark Taipan and I presented KLAS, or Kingsbury Location Awareness System at the Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering (ISE) Symposium for the 10th annual UNH Undergraduate Research Conference. We were able to share with the audience our project poster, our KLAS video, as well as have two PDAs on hand to provide user demos. Here …

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Apr 22

KLAS Project Video

Recently Mark Taipan and I completed the development of our Kingsbury Location Awareness System (KLAS) Video. Here you will see the development and operation of KLAS, and its principle functions, giving an example usage for both the Tour Guide and Navigation Applications. Hope you enjoy the video! Matthew Lape

Apr 04

CATLab Presents for UNH CEPS Open House

Last Saturday, March 28th, the University of New Hampshire had its annual College of Engineering and Physical Science (CEPS) Open House for incoming Freshmen. This event is designed to share the work and research that is being done at the university by the various faculty and staff with prospective students and their families. Through this …

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Jan 27

KLAS Navigation Video Demo

As you may know, Mark Taipan and I have been working on our KLAS Project. Recently we created a quick video demonstrating the KLAS Navigation system. Here it is: Matt

Aug 06

Don't hit the barrel !!

Hi Ecebloggers, Around 2 weeks ago, I completed my summer internship at UNH. During a roughly two month timespan, I worked on how interacting with a keyboard and an attached display in the vehicle might effect the driver performance. At certain fixed locations, a text appeared on the screen for a few seconds and the …

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